Merry Meet!

Merry Meet! :)

I'm a 30 year old, married, crazy cat lady, that lives in England.. :)

I'm most likely going to be posting about Vegetarianism, Veganism, Nature, things I like and enjoy etc etc lol I'm a hippy at heart! I love Nature, I love animals, I tend to see the beauty in everything and feel grateful every time I wake up :)

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I have just been notified by a brill person that the PURPLE box is NOT vegetarian or Vegan!! Luckily that’s the one my hubby ate, who isn’t veggy! Thankyou for noticing that helen_bee :)

Me and my husband are loving these noodles! I bought them from Sainsburys the other day, they were on offer at £1.26 each, not sure how much they usually are, that could have been 1/3 off or it could’ve been 1/2 price, not sure! :S I had the sweet chilli, my husband tried the pad thai, were both very impressed! :D It states they’re vegetarian and also dairy free but it doesnt actually state vegan, which is weird but if it’s as I said above, that automatically makes it Vegan! :S I just get a bit suspicious, when it doesn’t actually state it on some things :S lol

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