Merry Meet!

Merry Meet! :)

I'm a 30 year old, married, crazy cat lady, that lives in England.. :)

I'm most likely going to be posting about Vegetarianism, Veganism, Nature, things I like and enjoy etc etc lol I'm a hippy at heart! I love Nature, I love animals, I tend to see the beauty in everything and feel grateful every time I wake up :)


Super Original Questions

 1. What is your favourite outfit?

I don’t think I have one outfit that is my ultimate favourite. It depends on my mood and the weather. This is what I wore today though. :)


Avocados are freakin amazing! My addiction has now returned!! :D


I am in love with my new Yoga trousers!!! :D


"Being tolerant was one of the hallmarks of being a hippie. It didn’t matter what sexual gender you preferred, or what spiritual faith you were attracted to: What mattered was that we were all against war and for love. Love for others, love for animals, love for nature…and love for spirituality. And that whole way of thinking and that freedom to love was expressed in our music, our life-style, our clothes and our whole ideology. Wish the world were more like that! ☮❤☮❤"

— (via hippieseurope)